Back To School Shopping Done Right

Tips for Back To School Shopping

Going back to school may be a very exciting event for preschoolers and grade-schoolers alike.

They get to wear new uniforms, pick their favorite cartoon-themed bag and colorful set of school

supplies. They simply have to choose which ones are to be purchased by their mom or dad and

they’re good to go. As simple as that. But, that is not the case for current college and incoming

college students.

Going to college is a whole lot more difficult than it looks, and you need to do a lot of

preparations before your most awaited first day of classes. If you are attending college near

your residence, you are a bit lucky because it won’t cause you too much effort to prepare and

adapt. But for college students flying across the country to attend college, it’s a different story.

If you are one of those students, it is important to do some research as early as now to have

plenty of time to prepare and get ready for school. College is not just some sleepover or

slumber party done overnight. This is a real deal, and you will be living like this for the next four

or five years of your life. It won’t be easy, so it’s better to be ready than to be sorry. So, to help

you with that, here are some tips for back to school shopping.


  1. Prepare a list for your dorm room supplies.

The best way to start everything is to plan and create a list before you do your dorm room shopping list. List down all the things you need to buy and prepare. It will also help to include a to-do list for you to plan which things you have to buy first and where to buy them. This will not just save you from wasting time and effort, this will also save you from spending too much on unnecessary things which are not on your list.

  1. Check for things already available in your house.

Before you head out to shop, do a general cleaning in your room first. This is a good thing to do

before leaving the house and attend college. But more than that, this can help you save money,

believe it or not. You can always find school supplies that are still good to use. It is also a good

idea to ask your siblings first if they have unused dorm room supplies. List down everything you

have collected and remove them from your original list.

photo of back to school supplies like notebooks, pens and paper

  1. Stick to your budget.

Dorm room shopping can be very costly if you are not wise enough. It would be best to save as

much as possible. Go for the most important supplies first and the dorm must haves for guys

and girls. It is also advisable to use cash instead of your credit card. This will help you keep

track of your budget and stick with it.


  1. Take advantage of coupons and sale.

A lot of stores offer coupons for discounts when the school year is about to start. Collect as

many coupons as possible and use them to save money. It would be best to go to the store

during sale for you to maximize your budget. If you have no coupons to redeem and you missed

the last day of sale, worry not. You can always go to the nearest wholesale store and buy in

bulk. This is just the same as buying a product on sale.


  1. Double check your dorm room supplies and prepare them early.

After getting everything you need, put them in a box or big container and start packing. Double

check to be sure you have purchased everything you need. If you prepare early, you will still

have enough time to grab your other essentials. Do not forget to include your favorite stuffed toy

and bring your trusty pillow with you.


Planning early and wisely is the key to have a hassle-free back to school shopping. If you

already have your list and well-planned budget, all you have to do is to be wise to get the best

value for your money. After everything is set, you can already go out to visit your favorite book

store or meet up with some friends before you all head out for college.