Recommended Books

The E Myth Revisited

Business isn’t business if you’re working in it. If you’re the one apart of the show, then you got it all wrong. The E Myth Revisited reveals exactly how to do business to leverage your time and resources. Grab this one early in your entrepreneurial journey or fear being a slave to your own creation.

Start With Why

If your just getting into business for the love of money, then you’re bound to fail. There has to be a greater purpose behind you intentions. There has to be a Why.

It has to be something beyond yourself, because if not, you’re bound to hamper your performance. It’s just human nature and this book shows you Why.

Rich Dad Poor Dad

This is a book that started it all for many. Rich Dad Poor Dad teaches you the foundation of money and how the wealthy create, keep, and accumulate the life they have.

If you don’t know the knowledge in this book, then you’re missing business and wealth success 101. Do yourself a favor, and pick this one up as soon as you can.